$1.3M Verdict in Car Accident Case

Revet v. Catalan:A Monmouth County jury awarded $1.3 million on July 12 to a man who suffered permanent back injuries when his car was struck broadside by another.

Alaine Revet was driving his car on Deal Road in Ocean Township on May 20, 2013, when he was struck on the driver’s side by a car driven by Jaleesa Catalan. Revet had a green light and Catalan went through a red light before striking his car. Catalan was following another vehicle driven by her mother when she ran the red light.

Revet, who was 30 at the time of the accident, was out of work for two months. He has given up his pastime of playing soccer and undergoes regular radio frequency treatments to alleviate back pain. A surgeon retained by the defendant examined Revet and stated in a series of five reports that the plaintiff sustained injury to his lower back as a result of the crash. Superior Court Judge Katie Gummer granted Plaintiff’s motion to strike the verbal threshold defense. The case went to trial before Judge Owen McCarthy after the defendant stipulated to liability. The jury awarded the $1.3 million verdict after hearing that Revet has a life expectancy of 43 more years and his back pain is likely to become more serious.

Originally published in the 8/8/17 NJLJ