$3.35 million as compensation for back injuries in a car accident

In Chen v. Rasolio, an Essex County jury on July 15 awarded $3.35 million as compensation for back injuries sustained in a car accident.

The jury awarded the damages to plaintiff Hsing Chen after a trial before Superior Court Judge Garry Furnari.,

Chen, now 60, was injured on Feb. 16, 2012, as she was stopped on Easton Avenue in Somerset due to traffic on the entrance ramp to Interstate 287.

Chen’s car was struck from behind, and, as a result of the car accident, Chen sustained a herniated disc, and aggravated pre-existing age-related degeneration, which required a lumbar fusion surgery.

The defendant denied liability and claimed the accident was Chen’s fault. Defendant also argued that Chen’s injuries were not related to the accident.

Reported in the New Jersey Law Journal August 31, 2016

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