$345,000 Settlement in ankle fracture case

Mr. Regan recently negotiated a settlement in the amount of $345,000 on behalf of a client who suffered a severe ankle injury in a parking lot fall down in the matter of Redding v. Shop Rite et. al. Docket No. SSX-L-253-14.

Mrs. Redding suffered a right ankle fracture as a result of a slip and fall on a patch of ice near the cart return at the Shop Rite of Franklin in Sussex County, New Jersey. As a result of the slip and fall injury and ankle fracture, she underwent an open reduction, internal fixation surgery for a tri-malleor fracture involving the installation of a steel plate and screws in the right ankle. The Complaint was filed in Sussex County Superior Court and named Shop Rite along with the landlord, Franklin 23 Associates and the snow removal company as defendants.

After her surgery, Mrs. Redding attended months of physical therapy and also had to undergo a second surgery to remove two (2) of the screws which were backing out of the placement position.

Mrs. Redding suffered severe pain and suffering as a result of the ankle fracture, surgery, physical therapy and subsequent surgery. Even after all of the treatment, she continues to have some residual pain in the ankle due to the fracture.

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